A pipeline from military excellence to civilian leadership

The members of the Atalef Foundation community include veterans of Shayetet-13 (combatants and combat supporters), reservists, the physically and mentally injured, and the bereaved families. The foundation strives and works to maintain an active community of members and to strengthen the relationship between the foundation, the community members, and Shayetet-13. The Atalef Foundation is a vibrant community of thousands of members with powerful networking and a strong spirit of mutual responsibility. The foundation offers its members various programs that accompany them during important events in their civil lives, with the aim of helping them develop in various fields.

Because Atalef is about community, commemoration, and legacy, it maintains these core values by building up Shayetet-13 soldiers and equipping them for flourishing in Israeli society by supporting their personal and professional development as they make their transition into civilian life.

This groundwork begins weeks before completion of active-duty service, Atalef prepares Israel’s Navy SEALs for life beyond the base with transitional workshops on financial literacy, educational opportunities, and possible career paths. This includes panel discussions with Israel Navy SEAL alumni and scholarships for SEAL alumni to study at elite institutions. A number of Israel’s SEAL alumni seek to study at top universities in Israel and in the US, but find it difficult to afford such high costs, the foundation provides a number of scholarships in which the alumni repay with 120 hours of community service annually.


To further their development, SEALs can apply to join our designated mentorship program, in which we pair them with a successful professional. They participate as part of a cohort in a year-long program that includes one-to-one support, lectures, guided group projects, and therapy.


Meeting the most pressing needs of Seal casualties and bereaved families

The Ogen (Anchor) Safety Net program supports and helps the unit’s casualties and bereaved families through a range of approaches.

We help and support unit casualties through group meetings, assistance with the Ministry of Defense, financial and psychological assistance programs that are personally tailored, as well as resilience programs for the processing of complex experiences.

At the heart are the bereaved families of Shayetet-13. The foundation accompanies and supports the bereaved families throughout the year, offering social activities, and personal assistance, and work to strengthen the connection with the Shayetet-13 unit.

Additionally, we help in the recognition of the families of the Kishon deceased as bereaved families.

Our SAFETY SEAL NET programs serve individuals, teams, and bereaved families, which include:

The Dolev Project encompasses therapeutic programs to provide healing to soldiers suffering physical and mental casualties during their service. Through the Dolev Project, Atalef supports numerous activities such as extreme rowing and climbing with trained instructors and therapists for this purpose.   

We embrace Bereaved Families by conducting memorial events in honor of the fallen family member, supporting commemorative projects to honor the memory of those lost, assigning a personal point of contact for support, and hosting ongoing social activities to maintain close connections and togetherness among families.

Ogen Aid Fund – A financial support fund dedicated to assisting members of the Atalef community on a case-by-case evaluation.

Team Journeys: A week-long program that empowers alumni to process their military service while instilling a sense of resilience and perseverance for use in their current phase of life. The journey includes SEAL team activities for strengthening team connection and unity while providing a framework for offering further support and updates to the participants and their families.

At every stage of their personal and professional development, we provide a vast professional and personal support network of fellow alumni and friends to help SEALs set and achieve their post-service goals.

Atalef also provides multiple avenues for its community to connect, support, and impact with social events, sporting activities, challenges, competitions, and even a podcast to keep each other updated and share further their achievements and breakthroughs.


During 20 months of gruelling training, Israel Navy SEALs must touch key markers with all five fingers of their hand. The candidates who make it through selection and training are not those who lead the pack on swims, runs, and marches but those who push and pull even their slowest teammates to finish. It is about empowering the whole, from the strongest to the weakest. This level of commitment and teamwork stays with them for life. With the skills they learned by serving in Shayetet-13, they have the tools to transform and impact society as a whole.


The foundation aims to support and empower different populations in Israeli society, with an emphasis on the casualties of the security service and at-risk youth, by using the strengths of the members of the Atalef community and their natural connection to the sea. With the help of the community volunteers and the professionals of the Atalef Foundation, the various programs of the foundation provide individual, tailored, and long-term assistance, and help our target audiences deal with everyday difficulties.


The foundation operates three main volunteer programs: Buddy Line, Still Water, and HaGal Sheli (My Wave). In addition, hundreds of our veterans assist local authorities throughout the country and focus on disadvantaged populations.

Our SEAL SOCIAL IMPACT programs include:

The Buddy Line Program

Buddy Line pairs trained Israel Navy SEAL volunteers with severely post-traumatic veterans from other security service units for therapeutic water activities with both tangible objectives and goals aimed at supporting psychological well-being.

The Still Water Program

This nationally recognized program provides SEALs the opportunity to volunteer with injured soldiers from across the IDF in rehabilitative water activities.

HaGal Sheli Program

A program utilizing surfing as a tool for at-risk youth to acquire skills and personal empowerment, teaching them to overcome life’s challenges.

ATALEF in the Community

Regularly assist local authorities throughout the country in anything from cleaning gardens in neighborhoods to renovations to assisting Holocaust Survivors, youth boarding schools, and food distribution programs.


Shayetet-13 is a naval commando unit operating in the sea, on land, and in the air, undertaking various special and daring activities beyond enemy lines. Shayetet-13 makes a significant contribution to the security of the State of Israel. The unit’s soldiers, both in regular service and reserves, dedicate their best years to serving the nation, risking their lives in operational activities and training.

The foundation consistently supports Shayetet-13, both its regular and reserve soldiers. For example, each year the foundation provides gift cards for Rosh Hashanah, Hanukkah, and Passover to around a hundred lone soldiers in regular service at the Shayetet-13 base. Simultaneously, the foundation supports the reserve system in the unit in various ways.

The foundation assists Shayetet-13 in preserving its heritage and honoring the fallen members of the unit. Currently, Shayetet-13, led by the unit commander in collaboration with the Atalef foundation, has initiated an upscale project to upgrade the existing auditorium at Shayetet-13 into a center for learning, heritage, and commemoration for the unit. The new center will enable generations of commanders and fighters to trace the operational history of the unit, feel the legacy of their predecessors, and, of course, remember the fallen members of the unit and their personl stories.


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