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About the Atalef Foundation

The Atalef Foundation employs 8 workers and hundreds of volunteers.

Atalef is a foundation of Shayetet-13 (Israel’s Elite Navy Seal) veterans whose mission is to maintain an active and supportive community of veterans and to help its members integrate, lead and contribute to Israeli society in the spirit of the values of the Shayetet-13.

The foundation nurtures and supports soldiers and alumni of the unit, those affected physically and mentally, as well as those who were affected as a result of the activities in the Kishon, while embracing bereaved families. The foundation’s goal is to empower, strengthen, and assist its members in instilling Shayetet-13 values within Israeli society. It seeks to bring about lasting positive impact among victims of the security system, at-risk youth, and Holocaust survivors.

Our Foundation's Pursuits

Personal and Professional Development

The foundation strives and works to maintain an active community of members and to strengthen the relationship between the foundation, the community members, and Shayetet-13.

Ogen (Anchor) Safety Net

Meeting the most pressing needs of Seal casualties and bereaved families, while also nurturing the personal resilience of community members through the processing of intricate service and combat encounters.

Social Impact

The foundation aims to support and empower different populations in Israeli society, with an emphasis on the casualties of the security service and at-risk youth, by using the strengths of the members of the Atalef community and their natural connection to the sea.

Israeli Navy Seals

The foundation consistently provides assistance to the Israeli Navy Seals unit, supporting both its regular and reserve soldiers and aiding in the establishment of a lasting legacy.

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